4.4 Add Scalar Measurements to Output Curves

This section of the tutorial describes how to add measurements to curves in the waveform viewer.

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4.4.1 Add Measurements to the Curve

To add a measurement to the graph, follow these steps:

  1. From the schematic editor, click F9 to run a simulation.
  2. In the upper left corner just below the waveform viewer tool bar, check SW waveform.
  3. From the waveform viewer menu, select Measure > Minimum.
    Result: The minimum value of the SW voltage waveform now appears on the graph legend under where you checked SW.
    Note:  To see the complete label, you may have to adjust the splitter bar between the label and the tabs for the graphs.

4.4.2 View All Available Measurements

To see a full list of available measurements, do one of the following:

For more information on the Define Measurement dialog, see Chapter 9 of the SIMetrix User Manual.