What are your objectives for this evaluation?

Even though the time-limited evaluation license for SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is free, your time is not. You are about to make an investment of your valuable time to learn about our software. We want to help you get the most out of that investment.

Our experience is that you will benefit dramatically by writing down your specific objectives for this evaluation. With explicit objectives, you can focus your time on getting the high priority results you need to make an informed decision about where and how SIMetrix/SIMPLIS can enhance your design process.

To illustrate what successful evaluation objectives typically look like, we present two "case studies".

Jack - power supply designer
Job: detailed power supply design; responsible for complete power supply design, meeting external specifications and staying within component ratings.

Jill - IC architect
Job: defines architecture of new Power Management ICs. Must make sure that New Product Definition will meet customer needs over a wide range of applications and can be economically realized within existing IC process capabilities.

It is also instructive to point out what typically does not happen during a 30-day evaluation. Because of the limited time available to invest in the evaluation:

  • Most engineers will not be able to become experts in all phases of using SIMetrix/SIMPLIS.
  • Unless you are using the evaluation to do real work, the number of small learning curves involved to start from a blank schematic and create a full, detailed model of one of your products may require a bit more time than you have to commit.

So, it is critical to prioritize your activities so that you can accomplish your most important objectives within your time constraints.