SIMPLIS Evaluation

Though we offer a free, limited intro version of our software, it is strongly recommended that a user perform an evaluation with the full version of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS. For a brief description of the evaluation license process, please visit our SIMetrix/SIMPLIS Evaluation page.

Once the software is installed and the evaluation license activated, users may find the following resources helpful:

How can a SIMPLIS prototype help your design process?

We've put together a short summary of some of the different ways that targeted use of simulation tools can deliver real improvements to the typical product design process.

How is SIMPLIS different than Spice?

While many in the industry have experience with the fundamental approach of Spice, some of the more technical aspects of a piece-wise linear simulation strategy are less familiar. We've assembled a PDF document covering the basics of piece-wise linear modeling and detailing scenarios where SIMPLIS can provide a significant improvement over Spice.

What are your objectives for this evaluation?

Your time is valuable, so we've put together a few mini-case studies of typical engineering roles involved in evaluating this product. In them, we highlight some important questions to be thinking of as you use this tool.

Getting started with example circuits

Rather than starting from scratch with a blank canvas, we strongly recommend taking a look at the list of example circuits we offer for download. Using a select few of these as a works-out-of-the-box starting point can greatly help getting up to speed.

The SIMPLIS Tutorial

When a user is ready to start creating content on their own, the SIMPLIS Tutorial can be a very helpful guide. It walks through the process of drawing and properly configuring a schematic for simulation with SIMPLIS.

Defining your simulation strategy

Finally, we've assembled a lengthy and fairly detailed article on some of the critical factors for a successful simulation strategy. It touches on a number of approaches to bringing simulation into the design process of your organization, and some of the tangible benefits of doing so.