SIMetrix/SIMPLIS is a circuit simulation suite optimized for the design and development of power electronic circuits and systems. SIMetrix/SIMPLIS comprises the SIMetrix environment with the revolutionary SIMPLIS simulator developed by SIMPLIS Technologies. The native SIMetrix SPICE simulator from SIMetrix Technologies Ltd is also included. A tutorial to help get started with the SIMPLIS simulator is available here.

The SIMPLIS Simulator

Transient analysis

SIMPLIS is a component level simulator like SPICE but simulates power switching circuits typically 10 to 50 times faster.

Periodic operating point (POP) analysis

POP analysis rapidly locates the steady state operating point of a switching system without having to simulate the startup transient conditions. This considerably speeds the study of effects such as load transients.

Small signal AC analysis

Unlike the static methods used in SPICE, this analysis mode emulates a frequency sweep measurement as might be conducted on real hardware producing gain and phase plots without having to derive averaged models.

Advanced Digital Simulator

The Advanced Digital Simulation Library provides a wide variety of digital functions to simplify your simulation efforts. Simulation speed is improved 10-20x for classic digital gate simulation compared to earlier versions of SIMPLIS. See more details on the Digital Simulator.

Design Verification Module

The Design Verification Module (DVM) enables a user to automate the execution of a suite of tests, compare the measured results with design performance specifications and generate a user-friendly test report summarizing the circuit performance of a switching power supply. See more details on the Design Verification Module page. Not available with all products, see Feature Matrix for more details.

SPICE model conversion

SPICE models for MOSFETs, diodes, zener diodes and bipolar transistors may be converted to SIMPLIS format without requiring user intervention.

Fully integrated into SIMetrix environment

The SIMPLIS simulator works in the SIMetrix environment in exactly the same way as its native SPICE simulator. This includes full schematic support, schematic cross probing and all waveform viewer features. In addition, SIMPLIS can automatically convert SPICE models for power MOSFETs, diodes, zener diodes and bipolar transistors.

Time Tested

SIMPLIS has been the leading simulation engine for power electronics simulation since 1991 when it was first introduced. Feature and performance improvements continue to strengthen SIMPLIS as the market leader today.