Simplis Technologies Announces the Release of SIMPLIS 6.0

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces today the release of the latest version of its market-leading simulation engine. Version 6.0 is a strong continuation of our efforts to support our power electronics customers in their virtual prototyping processes.

In practice, Virtual Prototyping requires both simulation speed and accuracy. SIMPLIS Version 6.0 introduces important new features that aim to speed up the virtual prototyping process, especially for complex power controllers with very large amounts of digital content. We have also added storage and memory management features that reduce the amount of effort designers need to spend managing overhead to support the increasingly large and complex power systems they are designing. Finally, we have created a new Design Verification Module to compliment SIMPLIS that automates many of the manual tasks involved in doing comprehensive Design Verification.

  • Design Verification Module:
    • Design Verification Module conveniently integrated into standard install/uninstall process
  • Improvements to Advanced Digital simulation capability:
    • Increased simulation speed by up to 5X for circuits dominated by Advanced Digital content
    • Added advanced digital lookup table allowing "Don't Care" inputs
    • Added Digital Mux / DeMux components
  • Storage and Memory management improvements for long simulation runs:
    • Option to disable forced output of data points before and after every switching instant, thereby reducing disk storage
    • Maximum memory allocation for the storage of certain intermediate results now defaults to 1GB. Adjustable by user; avoids running out of addressable memory during extremely long simulation runs
  • Increased limit on the number of snapshots saved in the .t0 file
  • Added feature so that large signal time domain sources can be idle during POP and AC analyses
  • The SIMPLIS pre-processor now supports global variables defined using the new statement .GLOBALVAR. Any variable so defined will have its scope extended to any child subcircuit.

Evaluation licenses for SIMPLIS 6.0 may be requested from There is no charge to update to the new release for existing SIMPLIS customers with current maintenance.