Simplis Technologies Previews the Release of SIMPLIS 6.1

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces today the imminent release of the latest version of its market-leading simulation engine. The Version 6.1 release adds a number of speed and stability improvements, as well as significant expansion of the capabilities of the Design Verification Module.

  • Updates to the Design Verification Module:
    • Support for SIMetrix as well as the SIMPLIS simulator
    • PowerAssist – Adds a number of convenience features for Power Electronics users to significantly speed up the creation of customized test suites
    • User-defined Testplans
    • Supports multiple input sources and output loads
    • Improved GUI to facilitate selection of tests to run
    • Testplan enhancements allow the creator to
      • Automate changes to .VAR, .GLOBALVAR and .PARAM statements
      • Change hierarchical schematic instance property values
      • Create custom-defined sources and loads
  • SIMPLIS support for the .POST_PROCESS directive
  • Updates to the graph zoom functions to facilitate a more intuitive mouse interface
  • Improved lossy inductor model
  • In SIMetrix, a library of Verilog-A defined devices has been added for VX users
  • Also in SIMetrix, improvements have been made to the definition of arbitrary sources, simplifying and speeding up their creation as well as allowing the use of Verilog A functions.

Evaluation licenses for SIMPLIS 6.1 may be requested from There is no charge to update to the new release for existing SIMPLIS customers with current maintenance.