Simplis Technologies Announces the Release of SIMPLIS 6.2

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces the release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 6.2. New features include data registers for the Advanced Digital components, the selection of MOSFETs and Diodes by device ratings, and the ability to attach measurements to fixed probes. The user selected measurements are updated after each simulation on the graph viewer and, if desired, on the schematic. In addition to these features, an enhanced diagnostic error message is generated when the Periodic Operating Point analysis is unable to find the steady-state operating point of a system. For additional detail please see the Release Notes.

Version 6.2 of the Design Verification Module (DVM), an add-on to the market leading SIMetrix / SIMPLIS simulation package now includes AC-DC Testplans. These new DVM testplans enable users to automate the execution of a suite of tests on PFC AC-DC converters, compare the measured results with design performance specifications and generate a user-friendly test report summarizing the circuit performance.

The new AC-DC DVM testplans support automated measurement of line current harmonics, power factor, THD and efficiency under different AC Steady-State line and load conditions. Additional built-in tests include load transient, line dropout, line surge and sag, as well as startup. New DVM AC sources can simulate system performance with a variety of "dirty" sources, including a user-defined AC source that can accept oscilloscope waveform data.

Simulated spectral content of PFC input current compared with Class D Harmonic Limits as well as a User defined limit.

Christopher Bridge, Applications Engineer at Simplis Technologies, stated "I am very excited about the power that SIMetrix/SIMPLIS DVM puts into the hands of our customers. AC-DC power supplies with Power Factor Correction can exhibit very complex multidimensional behavior over the operating range. The AC-DC capability that we have added to DVM helps an engineer visualize and easily document their system performance. By automating circuit measurements and comparing system performance with the system specifications, DVM helps the design team to identify design issues before they get committed to hardware." Tom Wilson, President of Simplis Technologies, observed "Leveraging the DVM Sensitivity report to perform RSS statistical analysis provides a very helpful complement to our Monte Carlo analysis."

Other DVM updates include enhanced support for the measurement of power supply efficiency and device stresses and losses.

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Simplis Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the technology leader in simulation software for the power electronics industry. SIMPLIS is the leading simulation engine for switched mode power supply design and has been rapidly adopted by leading OEM, power supply, and IC Controller manufacturers in recent years. It has become the standard for power supply system simulation and new product definition analysis.

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