Simplis Technologies Announces the Release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 7.1

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces the release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 7.1. A number of usability improvements are introduced with this latest version including a powerful Efficiency Calculator and a new Bode Plot Probe. New additions to the model library include a selection of low- and medium-voltage MOSFETs from Fairchild Semiconductor and a set of Op-amps, comparators and switches from Maxim Semiconductor. For circuits where the traditional POP and AC analysis are mathematically inapplicable, the Design Verification Module has been enhanced to include a Multi-Tone AC Analysis Mode. For a full summary, please see the Release Notes.

The Efficiency Calculator, found under the menu item Post-Process > Efficiency, uses fixed power probes to calculate the efficiency and power loss for a circuit and displays an Efficiency and Power Loss Breakdown Report to the user. The flexibility in defining the input and output variables along with the auto-generated report allows a user to perform very customized loss analyses in very little time.

The new Bode Plot Probe has been designed to allow a user to easily add fixed probe measurements including Gain Margin, Phase Margin and Gain Crossover Frequency. The updated dialog allows the user to exert greater control over the formatting of plotted results and to save the plotting preferences for future use.

DVM's new Multi-Tone AC Analysis supports four test objectives: Bode Plot, Output Impedance, Input Impedance and Conducted Susceptibility. Each supports both linear and decade frequency sweep modes. Existing DVM customers will have access to the Multi-Tone AC feature by simply updating to the latest version of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS and requesting an updated DVM license from

Christopher Bridge, Applications Engineer at Simplis Technologies, stated "The new Multi-Tone AC Analysis perfectly complements our existing Periodic Operating Point/AC analysis mode. While the majority of circuit topologies can be simulated using the POP/AC analysis, the remaining circuits can be simulated using the Multi-Tone AC Analysis. With the inclusion of the Multi-Tone AC Analysis, SIMPLIS can now measure the control loop for almost any converter, including Power Factor Correctors and Digitally controlled converters."

Tom Wilson, President of Simplis Technologies, observed "As the power conversion industry increasingly moves to digital control techniques, the Multi-Tone AC Analysis perfectly positions SIMPLIS as the simulation tool of choice to characterize these digitally controlled converters."

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Simplis Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is the technology leader in simulation software for the power electronics industry. SIMPLIS is the leading simulation engine for switched mode power supply design and has been rapidly adopted by leading OEM, power supply, and IC Controller manufacturers in recent years. It has become the standard for power supply system simulation and new product definition analysis.

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