Simplis Technologies Announces the Release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 7.2

Simplis Technologies, Inc. announces the release of SIMetrix/SIMPLIS 7.20. New features include:

  • SystemDesigner, a set of library blocks designed especially for the simulation of digitally controlled power converters,
  • New semiconductor device model extraction algorithms which support wide-bandgap devices such as GaN, and
  • Expanded help content.

For additional detail please see the 7.20 Release Notes.

The SystemDesigner functions have been designed from the ground up to accurately model the digital control loops common in today’s power converters. A set of over 20 control blocks have been incorporated to model the entire digital signal processing path from the Analog-to-Digital converter (ADC) to the PWM modulator. Devices such as ADCs, adders, multipliers, DACs, shift operators and multiplexors enable a designer to model almost any control loop. The digital signal processing path is clocked with up to eight (8) system clocks which are distributed globally to all SystemDesigner devices.

A comprehensive PWM modulator based on the TI PiccoloTM ePWM module is included. This modulator allows a user to configure the outputs to modulate any PWM or Pulse-Frequency Modulation (PFM) pattern. Multiple ePWM modules can be synchronized to provide phase-shifted control for bridge-type converters or can be synchronized for multi-phase buck converters. The High-Resolution PWM module increases the time base resolution to 150ps. The ePWM modules can also start any number of ADC conversions at any time instant in the PWM cycle.

With the 7.20 release, the SIMPLIS Model Extraction algorithms which convert a SPICE model to a SIMPLIS model are now in their 3rd generation. This release includes enhanced device models, including the normally-on JFET and the high voltage, high current IGBT model. The graphical user interface has been completely redeveloped using custom dialogs and each dialog includes a Help button, which links directly to the application help files. The extraction algorithms have also been improved, offering more robust numerical solution of the device simulations, and better curve fitting over a wide operating range. Each semiconductor device type can also be switched to a User-defined mode where the user enters parameters directly, bypassing the built-in model extraction algorithms. By default the User-defined parameters are seeded with values calculated by the model extraction algorithms, providing an excellent “what if?” design tool. Additionally, the SIMPLIS models used in this version allow the user to easily modify an existing extracted device model or create their own from datasheet or curve tracer data.

The Help embedded in the application has undergone a major revision, with almost complete coverage of all SIMPLIS primitive digital devices. Each device has working SIMPLIS schematic examples, truth tables, parameter tables and usage information. Over 90 working schematic examples have been added to the Help system with the 7.20 release.

Finally, the ability to place the SIMPLIS Periodic Operating Point trigger device on any level of the hierarchy has been added, expanding the allowed location of the POP trigger device to any location in the design hierarchy.

More information on the System Designer Features can be found here:

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* Piccolo is a trademark of Texas Instruments Incorporated.

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